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- Strength & Conditioning Specialist

- Program Design Specialist

- Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

- Nutritionist

My name is Ty. I am a 24-year-old Strength Coach & Nutritionist. I created TYF PERFORMANCE due to the immense lack of education and resources available to the athletes who compete in running and motocross. These sports are highly demanding, subjecting your body to nearly inhuman paces being held for 70 miles a week, or managing a 200+ pound machine that can easily send you in the air 50 feet, is something you have to train for. I spent many years earlier in life struggling with injuries that could have been prevented if I only had access to a high-quality coach. After discovering the field of Strength & Conditioning Coaching, I knew exactly what I wanted to become… a Strength Coach.

I grew up involved in the sport of motocross because my father was an AMA official and then later became part of the Arai Helmets Team. I remember comparing scars with Ricky Carmichael at Broom Tioga and playing with toy dirt bikes with Jeff Stanton's kid. My parents later bought a motocross track, and my love for the sport continued to grow. In wanting to excel more at motocross, I joined my school’s cross-country team. In my second-ever race, I was able to win, so I decided to continue with running and see where it took me.

I received a full-ride scholarship to run in Florida where I studied health and human performance. While in college, I got the chance to shadow many great strength coaches and even got the opportunity to work with the Miami Marlins Baseball team. Shortly after graduating, I became a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and later received my certification as a Nutritionist. Since becoming a Coach and competing in these two sports, I know how hard they can be on the body. My goal as your coach is to keep you safe and injury-free while also improving your performance!

I am honored to be your coach, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I will do everything I can in order for you to BE EXCELLENT!

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